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Our Puppy Health Guarantee

At Breeders Valley, we are more than just a service for finding puppies. As fellow puppy lovers, we understand that a puppy’s health can be affected by a number of factors beyond our control. That’s why we offer a 1-year health guarantee for all Corgi puppies for adoption, including coverage for heart defects (scale 4 or above), organ dysfunction, genetic defects, life-threatening defects, canine distemper, and canine coronavirus. We stand behind our puppies and will do our best to ensure they are healthy from the moment they arrive in their new home. Corgi adoption

If a puppy develops any untreatable, life-threatening defect or dies due to heart, organ, or genetic defect, the buyer can receive a 100% refund. To be eligible, the buyer must provide initial vet exams stating the cause of death and a picture of the deceased puppy. Breeders Valley requires a copy of all initial vet exams and the buyer’s permission to speak with their vet when making a claim. corgi puppies for adoption near me

While our health guarantee does not cover treatable disorders or common issues like luxating patella, hernias, open fontanel, parasites, and blood sugar, we do advise buyers on how to properly care for their new Corgi puppy. We recommend feeding them a proper diet to prevent hypoglycemia/low blood sugar and properly treating them for parasites.

Corgi puppies are not only adorable, but they also offer various health benefits to their owners. They encourage physical activity and can be excellent companions for people of all ages. Owning a Corgi puppy can provide a loving and healthy addition to your family.

If you’re looking for Corgi puppies for adoption, consider Breeders Valley. Click here to see Available Puppies

We will work together with you to ensure that your pup lives the healthiest life possible from start to finish. If you continue feeding the food we have given to your pup, we truly believe your pup’s health will never be an issue. We have tried, tested, and proven Life’s Abundance to be of the highest quality and standards. Should your pup develop any major genetic or nutritional health issues while feeding Life’s Abundance and their products, we will provide you a free replacement puppy.

1 Year Guarantee Terms

Because Breeders valley believes so strongly that nutrition plays a big part in the health of an animal, Breeders Valley is offering an optional “1 Year Free Replacement Puppy Guarantee”. This guarantee stipulates that the puppy will be solely fed “Life’s Abundance” dog food, treats, and supplements. The reason Breeders Valley has chosen to offer this guarantee is because so many dogs and cats are acquiring serious life threatening health risks through poor diet and vitamin deficiency.

In regards to genetic defects, there are never any guarantees that the puppy would be free of a genetic disorder from past generations. Since Prairie Peak may not know if there are any potential weaknesses in the puppy, poor diet and lack of vitamins can worsen these conditions if found.

Should a Breeders Valley  puppy, while on Life’s Abundance, develop a genetic or nutritional ailment within the first 1 years of its life, Breeders Valley will offer a replacement puppy. The Adopting Family must immediately notify Breeders Valley  upon first knowledge of this disease and a written diagnosis showing cause of death/disability from a licensed veterinarian must be provided. This guarantee pertains to genetic and nutritional issues only and does not include other ailments such as, but not limited to, neglect, abuse, or any injuries the puppy may have sustained, including accidental death. There is no cash value to this agreement and the original puppy must be returned to Breeders Valley Kennels within seven days of diagnosis. Any other fees or money vested in the rearing of the puppy, such as, but not limited to transportation, vet bills, training, or other fees is not included. There is no cash value to this guarantee.

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